Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I compress my images?

There're a lot of good reasons: first of all, you may want to free up some space on your device, whatever it is. But usually you also need to send them to someone, or use them on your personal website or blog. Compressing them reduces your upload time and the download time for users. Reducing by 80% means 80% faster loading time, no exceptions.

How does it work?

Images are compressed using CaesiumCLT, with lossy and lossless methods.

What kind of images can I compress?

JPEG and PNG right now. GIF and SVG may come in the future, but there's no official statement about it.

There're some restrictions?

Unfortunately, right now, yes. While the service stays in a beta status, I cannot unlock the full potential due to server limitations.

Is there any API?

No. Maybe in the future.